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     FIFA popular video amateur football stadium on the role of such a big role, players pay increase and increase the absorption bold rating. In addition, rich FIFA football simulation series Tibetan and Chinese players are big admirers and admiration of the stage at home in real life. Now, the rich population of professional players to Twitter admitted to them to accept the array is allocated by EA Sports. Like Ferdinand, Yannick Bolasie and players Nasri accept all announced, accusations collection from their ratings, their hairstyles and height.

    Ferdinand, QPR Apostles and above Manchester United star, said: "What you have done your research you are traveling you can tease the introduction respective stands on the Manchester United player and now I'm in the Tibetan and Chinese QPR, you can drag their statistics.? to the appropriate level. I do not perceive the statistics who completed at Headquarters purchase, but if you want me to be there, and instructed to give you the proper face to face, I'll do it. It's a joke! "satisfied Sri midfielder Manchester City, the Tibetan and Chinese complained that his data. "I do not have absolute blessing and I accelerated in the game, especially because I play on the wing. I definitely a little bit faster than me in the race, I was alone rated 81 or 82 (out of 100). This is not enough."
    Meanwhile, Anton Ferdinand, Rio's brother, added beheld complaint file. "This year I've got rid of them just blah line accomplishment," he commented. "I tweeted them to endure a year, and I expect this to be about five years ago, I was talking nonsense line, so my grades, this year they've got rid of them." Glorious Eden Hazard complaints cover a father's side, but on his height, rather than his hair. "I was too small," he said. "I'm responsible for about 3 or 5 cm high."
    In some ways, these complaints are quite humorous. Most of us try to play amateur like FIFA 15 and experience, even the agency, its ability is to become a professional footballer. We absolutely can not do it live, so we can do in the atoms in our video bold console. However, those professional players appear above the home away from real life stadiums, and get their consoles and the game itself, and feel shorter, if short acquaintance avalanche!
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