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     Barcelona VS Real Sociedad: Neymar and Pedro Jiangong (2-0)

     Ruba Sa Brazilian striker playing his first 50 balls, Pedro barb broke to seal the victory for Barcelona.

    After three points, the team toward the Spanish champions Enrique has taken an important step.

    Sometimes, it's hard to get a second chance after a failure. Fortunately, Barcelona got this opportunity, after four months of waiting, Barcelona against Real Sociedad on Saturday afternoon again. January 4 at the Anoeta stadium after losing to Real Sociedad, the game had been marked on the calendar Barcelona. After the Anoeta stadium, in the opening two minutes to lose an own goal, Barca could not ranked top of La Liga.

    And now, Barcelona has been ranked top in January that disappointing night so that Barcelona players were full of fighting spirit and determination. 86,047 sat in the Nou Camp fans, Neymar and Pedro's goal to help Barcelona to a 2-0 win, in case there are two rounds of the league, La Liga champions Barcelona toward an important step.

    Neymar first break

    Barcelona start the second half very well, Nei Maer first 52 minutes finally broke the Real Sociedad goalkeeper Rouly goal guarded, Rouly first half had more to make brilliant saves. Messi ball into the penalty area, the visitors failed to rescue defender Gonzalez, Neymar far post header hoisting break. Brazilian striker this goal not only to help Barca to break the deadlock, but also a personal milestone, it is Neymar to Barcelona into the first 50 balls.

    When 20 minutes left in the game, both teams played extremely cautious, two players constantly get a yellow card. There are 10 minutes in the Camp Nou fans restless, trying to attack the Royal Society, to Barcelona defense created a lot of trouble, but this time only one goal lead Barcelona.

    Pedro icing on the cake

    In order to prevent the visiting team comeback momentum, Enrique let Pedro played replaced by Rafinha. Pedro came off the bench after the extremely active, then assists Messi, but Argentine striker's shot missed, not to expand the score.

    The last moments of the game, stamina Pedro scored a beautiful goal. Messi tried to cross, the ball hit the defender in the high bounce, Pedro to a record textbook barbed shot the ball in the net after crossing Rouly fly to score. Nou Camp broke out, his teammates celebrate in the corner area and Pedro.

    The award-start opportunity

    Barcelona firmly in control of the initiative in the first half, but failed to penetrate the Real Sociedad defense game. Barcelona had seven shots, including three shot is. Macy eighth minute header almost broke, but it was Lu Lituo the beam. Rouly in just five minutes later to seal a shot Neymar. The first 28 minutes Pique also got a break opportunity, after the first shot was saved, Pique barb blank range just wide.

    Real Sociedad 45 minutes before the first shot is not, and has 10 fouls, three players booked.

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