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     Bilbao VS Barcelona: the king of football to bring new crown (1-3)

     Messi (2) and Neymar's goal to help Barcelona win the 27th King's Cup, Barcelona from the Triple Crown is a step closer.

    Bilbao VS Barcelona: the king of football to bring new crown (1-3)

    Completed two goals, there is a goal. After the King's Cup final at the Nou Camp on Saturday carried out 3 to 1 victory over Athletic Bilbao, if they can beat Juventus in the Champions League final next week, then Barcelona will be a historic second win the Triple Crown. Messi is Barcelona into the first and third goals, while Neymar scored the second goal for the visitors Williams headed into the last minute consolation goal.

    Getting better

    Indeed, the emergence of Athletic Bilbao at the Nou Camp fans fans more than Barcelona, ​​which also let Barcelona encountered strange atmosphere, but the game also has a crazy start. Both teams trying to attack, Barca took the lead 9 minutes break, after receiving the Macy assists, Neymar low shot, but the linesman thought the Brazilian striker offside.

    Game soon developed into a duel between Barcelona and Bilbao technology between physical confrontation, but 20 minutes later, the balance of the game was broken, Messi scored one of his career's most beautiful goal. On the right the ball, Messi continuous breakthrough low shot to break Ailei Lin after the goal guarded by four guards. Really great.

    Complete control of the match

    This goal forced Bilbao initiative to attack, while Barcelona almost extending the lead, Suarez cross unmarked Neymar, but the Brazilian striker's shot was blocked out Ailei Lin brave, Ailei Lin subsequently closed out Pique will score. Bilbao has an absolute disadvantage, but in the 36th minute, Barca finally expand the lead. Messi Suarez create break opportunities, but Neymar in a better position, Uruguayan striker selfless cross. Neymar easily break, Barcelona a 2-0 lead. Bilbao has also been a good opportunity, Williams shot hit the crossbar, but they may also be three goals behind, Ai Leilin closed out Messi takes the free kick.

    End game

    After the intermission, the Barcelona fans excited quickly, Harvey played replace the injured Iniesta, and wearing the captain's armband, this is Harvey last played for Barcelona in the Nou Camp. Suarez and Neymar have been a break opportunity, but until the first 73 minutes, Alves and Neymar beautiful one-two with the help Macy easily break, locking the first 27 Barcelona King's Cup trophy.

    11 minutes before the end of the game, Athletic Bilbao Williams header hoisting break. For the Basque people, this is a consolation goal, but they staged a miracle efforts. When the referee blew the final whistle, Barca began a wild celebration. Barcelona hope to continue to celebrate next Saturday!

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