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     Recalling Gamber Cup 50 facts into superstar first show time

     We picked a wonderful Gamber Cup last half of the season at the moment.

    Recalling Gamber Cup 50 facts into superstar first show time

    1, the summer of 1966, Barcelona president announced that the team of a pre-season tournament named "Gamber Cup."

    2, the first Gamber Cup participating teams are Barcelona, ​​Anderlecht, Cologne, Nantes.

    3, Barcelona played first Gamber Cup squad is: Reina, Benítez, Gallego, Eladio, Montesinos, Torres, Rifé, Muller, Zaldúa, Fusté, Zaballa.

    4, Barcelona's first finals 3-1 in Cologne. Richard - Gamber for the team award.

    5. Prior to 1975, the event called "Juan Gamper", 1976 started the Catalan language changed "Joan Gamper".

    6, Barcelona won Gamber Cup 37 times.

    7, the other team to win more than once, only Cologne, winning in 1978 and 1981.

    8, Tenerife and Valencia are the only two teams to win in Spain.

    9, usually teams are invited from other leagues, but Atletico, Real Madrid and Zaragoza also been subjected to an invitation.

    10, Dortmund, Porto, Juventus and other teams have to win.

    11, 1996 before the competition system are attended by the four teams. 1997 changed only a game.

    12, the largest margin of the game occurred two years ago, in 2013 Barcelona 8-0 victory over Santos.

    13, 1984 semi-final with Boca Juniors game at 9-1.

    14, Barcelona worst defeat was 0-5 in the 1970 semi-final defeat to Dynamo Moscow. At that time the Russian team porters Lev - Yassin.

    15, Barcelona final is the biggest defeat 0-4 defeat to Cologne in 1981.

    16, the worst performance was a 1972 semi-final 0-2 loss to Sofia CSKA, followed by Vasco da Gama 0-0.

    17, most goals in the final to beat Flamengo 5-4 in 1968.

    18, 1990-1996 between the Olympic Stadium in the game.

    19, San Lorenzo in a row about two years - 1995, 1996 and invited to attend, finished second, fourth.

    20, the largest number of spectators the game was in 1982, there are 110,000 fans admission to the match. the reason? It is being able to see Maradona.

    21, the number of spectators least 1998 2-2 ​​draw with Santos. Only 15,000 fans spectators admission.

    22, 2008, Barcelona in the second half stoppage time by the Puyol and Eto'o with two goals, Boca Juniors win 2-1 reversal.

    23, the first grain Gamber Barcelona Cup goal was scored in 1966 by the Forster Anderlecht.

    24, on a Barcelona goal was scored by Sandro last year.

    25, Barcelona's top scorer in Gamber Cup is Asensi, txiki, Stoichkov, both scored seven goals.

    26. Foster and Maher scored six goals.

    27, Neiken Si and Crane Kerr scored five goals.

    28, came in behind them is Rexach, Coleman et al., Scored four goals.

    29, in the current squad, Messi scored four goals, three goals Iniesta.

    30, Cruyff, Samuel Eto'o, who scored three goals.

    31, four Ming Basa players had a hat-trick in the game.

    32 players invited to participate in events including Muller, Yashin, Cafu and so on.

    33, the first stars in the tournament is Sotil his debut in 1973 against his former club in Lima, and he scored a goal.

    34, Cruyff did not participate in the 1973 Gamber Cup, because he had just signed the team after the final report.

    35, the Dutch Neiken Si in 1974 Gamber Cup debut against his former club Ajax.

    36, four years later Crane Kerr also played this tournament debut against his former club Rapid Vienna.

    37, 1979 Simonsen scored twice in his debut against Zurich FC.

    38. Maradona in 1982 Gamber Cup staged debut.

    39 foreign binary Koeman and Laudrup his debut in 1989.

    40, the second year Stoichkov before the match against Spartak Moscow debut.

    41, 1993 Romario hat-trick in the first show Gamber Cup.

    42, Ronaldo in 1996 Gamber Cup debut, but not at the Nou Camp, but Orly Olympic Stadium, against San Lorenzo.

    43, one year after Rivaldo against Sampdoria tournament debut.

    44, or Brazilian, Ronaldinho debut in 2003 against Boca Juniors in.

    45, Eto'o first debut for Barcelona against Milan in the 2004 tournament.

    46, Macy perfect performance against Juventus in the 2005 tournament.

    47, another Brazilian is his debut Neymar, in 2013 against his former club Santos.

    48, 2004 game appeared a giant Catalan flag.

    49, before the 49th Gamber Cup includes 142 games.

    50, 17 games into the penalty shootout, which Barcelona in the eight games, five times to win.

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