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     Barcelona and win the Champions League victory over Juventus (3-1)

     After Berlin, 3 to 1 victory over Juventus, Barcelona historic second win the Triple Crown.

    Rakitic, Suarez and Neymar scored in injury time to help Barcelona beat Juventus at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, and won the 2014-15 Champions League season.

    The victory helped Barcelona in the last 10 years to win the fourth Champions League, which is the club history to win the Champions League five times, and the second to win an unprecedented Triple Crown, which further reinforce the Barcelona European football control of the position.

    The team's lineup every season needs to change is inevitable, but the core has been led by Messi helped Barcelona Onward to victory. In the past decade, Barcelona has won the tournament six different 24 trophies.

    Barcelona is one of the core determines the Barcelona tactical style of Harvey, he is not only the midfield brain, is Barcelona captain, played for Barcelona last Saturday Harvey also lifted the trophy as captain.

    Barcelona coach Enrique on the first season won the Triple Crown copied Guardiola coached Barcelona in performance. Enrique after the game, said: "Congratulations to all the Barcelona fans and their families this is a long night, tomorrow we will be celebrations after all the games, I just want to thank all those who believe in me..."

    Barcelona win the Champions League means a chance to win tied the 2009 six-time winner of the miracle. After winning the Spanish King's Cup and Champions League, while Barcelona will try to win the Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and World Club Cup. Of the three races, no doubt Barcelona are favorites to win.

    While Juve is also fighting for the Triple Crown, but they are at a disadvantage in the game. When the referee blew the final whistle, Barcelona's performance is sufficient to explain why they are winning popular.

    Barcelona did not start well, players consecutive errors in the backcourt, but in the first four minutes, Messi crossing the ball to help Neymar broke through the Juve defense, after receiving Iniesta's pass, Rakitic lead for Barcelona. At this point the game was only 3 minutes 23 seconds, the goal is Barcelona fastest goal in the Champions League final. Rakitic after the match, said: "This is my career, the most important goal."

    Juve's response is to continue a solid defense, while Barcelona is firmly in control of the game. In addition to the first 12 minutes Alves test Buffon guarded outside the goal, both teams did not get into a shooting.

    Just four minutes after the break, Barca will get 5 to play three good opportunities, but Buffon was pretty closed out Suarez's close range shot. 2 minutes later, Messi and Suarez kicks in after the wall with the shot missed.

    More aggressive tactics to Juve received a return, the first 55 minutes, Juve rarely kill Ruba Sa penalty area, Carlos Tevez shot was Teershite root closed out, but Morata blank range into the empty net.

    Juve tie the game more dynamic, but lasted just over 10 minutes. Thereafter, Messi shot after the ball has run, although Buffon saved struggling, but Suarez stopped to break, 2 to 1!

    After a long season, two players will inevitably feel the fatigue. In the final 20 minutes of the game, two players did not create real opportunities to score. Injury time, Barca get chance to counterattack, shot Neymar break Buffon's goal, the goal to ensure that Barcelona win, but also to Barcelona's players and fans very excited.

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