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     It is time to change the bar of God change their shirts Declaration of. "Unfortunately, not you, to accompany me to the end" (Music From) ...... bar of God aliens who have been increasingly gloomy aura, because he put too much energy on the outside of the stadium. Pakistan God, his unique personality, his genius filled with so much coach willing to succumb to his beach shorts. They think Huiyanshizhu care deeply thought out piece of polished diamonds in the rough good fame world to know. The bar of God now wandered into a career crossroads. Unfortunately, the fate of the intersection of these just witnessed his fall free fall process. Highlight the bar of God can not be met in time, towering difficult to reproduce. He never had a steady play, only regret and return again and again.


    2013 in Manchester in 2014 to Milan, then, the bar of God smiled graced Merseyside. Liverpool shrugged and fought for several years to become the bar of God's third team. However, and eggs. Who does not know the bar of God Shashi Hou play matches turned out when he had the potential to be. The left is undisciplined talent, the right is maverick personality, mixing became the half angel half devil troubled teenager. Temptation tame the wild horse has attracted many layers directed his coach: Mourinho from Inter Milan and then to Italy Prandelli Mancini Manchester City, which is also Bo Xing, its sudden, you start a sight, ultimately no one can walk into the bar of God enigmatic world.


    Facing the reality of it! Rogers can not be so sentimental! Our genius bar of God, he was always so cold and distant. Perhaps the end of the tragedy emerged at the beginning of the story on the: last summer the bar of God when landing at Anfield when Rogers on public statements, the risk is to be expected within, and the bar of God is unplanned.


    Pakistan next month to 25 years old God. Remember when it turned out he was 17 years old. Even optimistic forecasts we can survive the injuries he kicked the early 30s, and that his career has more than half of Kankan. Taking into account his experience in playing the Yankees and the Italian national team, he should at the moment a few years to reach the pinnacle of his career.


    Now, however, whether in the club or national team he has been kicked out of the lineup. He is now imperative to think about how to save his career.


    Liverpool are now bent on recruiting frontcourt offensive player, followed by purges also potential inevitable. But few are willing to risk looking to gamble Man disk access is not easy. Plus its own way poor performance, coupled with high salaries, apparently has become too cumbersome trend.


    When the bar of God and Florence outgoing transfer scandal, the fans reaction is also meaningful. Bar of God and Florence can be traced back in 2013, when he was racist criticizes the idea that nozzle. This summer, he joined the opposition team banner is unfurled on the training ground, he says "Balotelli Zhitaicaishu Florence, you do not care."


    Perhaps it is incompatible with the various aspects of Italy, Balotelli should think of life in England is so peace of mind. But back to the Premier League a year ago, did not allow him to develop freely talent, but to attract the more questions he had promising career prospects.


    "Asian parent," Italy coach Prandelli called before the bar of God, obsessed with this sensitive child playing Azzurri attack fulcrum. Competitive factors even if forgotten, from a variety of social and human point of view, this is a happy thing. As the son of Ghanaian immigrants, grew up in Brescia minibus God was two Holocaust survivors Francisco and Sylvia adoption, in the conservative northern Italy, this growth experience is not uncommon. Racial discrimination, apartheid, parents of friendship, there are many that he must have been repeatedly asked myself the question, so he finally turned himself now.


    I am really catch Jia! Bar of God that has been going around in circles a few years, find direction, but did not enjoy the sway of their talent. Especially not the world as a sign of the star, the whole Italian football for his highly anticipated. Pakistan God gifted, I still remember the 2012 European Cup semi-final match against Germany, the bar of God first header opened the scoring, followed by a ground-breaking brace. Pakistan God this war parliaments and go down in history.


    Since the current Azzurri coach Conti took the bar of God he has been marginalized in the national team. After last summer's World Cup next mess, the bar of God and never complain unsuccessful chance to show themselves. To go year-old Autumn, Conti declared that he did not have time to go play with the bar of God, "you guess you guess you guess guess" of the game, "so many great coaches have been defeated by the bar of God, I have to admit I also lacks a good way. It may not be fair to the bar of God, but I really do not have time to accompany him to play. "


    Taking advantage of the big picture yet, the bar of God there is a season, a time to save himself. Regardless far apart, both heaven and earth, anyway, the bar of God must identify the rhythm at the club level. Bar of God have a European champion, today Zhangyingzaishou, when tied black dragon? For next summer's European Championship in France, the bar of God have to refuel Oh!


    Liverpool these days seems to be the bar of God at the wrong time chose a wrong team. Flat chest is concerned, last season was Rogers sideline striker also more than a bar of God, Lambert and Borigni are also relatively silent, only tears of thousands of lines. But Balotelli but Pakistani God! If the bar of God can not save the world, then what is the difference with salted fish! While the bar of God could not kicked a few balls, always like to think about life in the field. Pakistan God has gorgeous moment, unfortunately not at Anfield.


    Better to take pity in front of people. Rogers said that the future of the way the bar of God, "completely on his own to play out." The opportunity is still there, only this time, perhaps, need to try to jump the bar of God to seize it.

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