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     First of all, and we declare this method is suitable for the host platform (mobile end users will not be Tucao or to show off your account of the market because it is not a game situation is Mom) the mobile platform will be not be discussed. Furthermore, though this method allows you to immediately become rich handsome Cock wire from but you do not need to consume so much energy and time if you despise one week to earn 50000-15 gold (depending on your weekly trading volume and frequency) also do not waste time to read down this method is mainly used for the early accumulation of capital.

    First, before you use this method, please comply with the following requirements otherwise the market will ultimately harm will mess is our own
    1 week we will discuss the selection of a target and fire not only a target dispersion
    2. Do not ask and do not openly publish their own or someone else's post listing.
    3. Compliance with these regulations and in accordance with the following method comes we will make easy money.
    4. our weekly target player the highest price does not exceed 5,000
    We declare once again with this method is not immediately able to see a weekly cash-generating cycle but the cycle of investment (if you want to become rich handsome seconds or go Jianlou it)
    Basic methods
    To needless controversy and some we will frequently asked questions reappear again before I would first ask you to see to make money before the first wave ut paste.
    $$ This method is not at a fixed price to sell the player, the player's price because we sell different prices change constantly $$.
    (So ​​do not ask how much money the landlord listed the players, because we are not going to fix this player's market price but follow from a simple and effective way to target the players slowly pushed prices)
    When the end of the week the weekend, we can already obtained based on the performance of the players who will enter next week about the idea of ​​the best (totw) for the players after the group after and paste it in the discussion that we will find a most appropriate target player, and then we try to market the lowest price to buy, if the player did not enter totw prevent the least we can guarantee this.
    Ok when we choose a good investment target, plus 500 or 600 (see the player may be) in the principal amount of your players on the acquisition of an hour in her retirement time again up for sale.
    Purchase price: 1000
    Listing price 1500-1600
    Purchase price: 800
    Listing price 1300-1400
    As one book I we will discuss the difference, we must comply with the following implementation of this difference (will explain later why)
    We do not sell a lot of buying two but based on the number of coins in your hand. When you are in the hands of the players kept selling, but you also need to keep buying again listed. Such players prices is able to steadily increase, while the players will greatly increase the frequency of shots. We started the first day or the next day, the players may not have to sell, but we must as soon as possible to the players listed, so you can slowly be Market prices pushed higher. The reason why this method is because it can operate on the lazy buyers looking for players only look at the first few pages instead of the "highest bid" to search for players (Max bid) if we control the target market so our players Buyers bid will be purchased by many ordinary people think the price is a reasonable market price.
    Finally, do not publish or ask each other's list prices because the price of each player in order to promote people's listing price must be from low to high, and (according to base your purchase price plus 500) and to comply with our agreement in this post post you because of your players price will be our next batch of players to take over and continue repeating BUY - listed - sell when you have 20--30-40 Zhang players when still repeat this process until Friday (! Note: Only Friday, the weekend there will be a large number of European retail investors to digest our goal players) will probably be their landlord week turnaround 100-150 Zhang same player, this method is used from 15. 14 and is ready to be used with everyone down.
    Our weekly selection of players must be "extremely likely" selected totw. And the price is not too high a prediction error can be reduced to if we lose two to start the low capital requirements of the faithful to join in favor of it. Requiring low beneficial it faithful to join.
    After the election of the target players, do not worry once the start, the players need to wait market price stability target, because some of the players if the performance is good so his price will be in the next period of the game in real time geometric rise, price volatility usually lasts less than a day. Wait until the players when price stability is the best time for us to intervene to scan cargo.
    Then we have to do is stop the purchase purchase purchase, the lowest bid price in the market to buy even a price, in our economic conditions allowed sweep into as much as possible but we do not overpaid !! Number largely determine the market direction.
    Figuratively, (just for example, non-predictive) Belgian demon 德布劳 weekend scored two goals and otherwise assists, good performance on the market price may rise to 3500. Then we can wait until his prices fall to the price before 1500/2000. (you correct me if I remember correctly) this time is the best time to start with and we frantically poured in. When the inner you purchased enough 德布劳 become available on this basis plus 600 hang sell. Note [WARNING SIGN] do not store and sell a player earn a profit !! 2000 because it does not help us to push the price high! This method is not a lot after buying Tuen five days later, but kept every hour to sell players to make a profit. (The reason has been no further explanation.) For example, I swept into the 1500 to 1600 within 30 德布劳 swept into within 20 德布劳 Well into the 1500 then hang 2100, 1600 into the then hang 2200. BUY - SELL - BUY repeat this process and our price difference is still 500 (600) may occasionally you'll find hanging five but sometimes it is just to sell a all sold out within two. Whenever you sell a number of after, continue to sweep into the price difference indicates unchanged.
    Often encounter situations would be based on the price we buy around 1500 today, and tomorrow is to find the lowest price on the market is 2000. This need not worry, as long as we follow the post 2600 agreement is continued listing +600 (Each player is different) we finally pretax earn at least 600 per card.
    Because we constantly buy and sell constantly increase, coupled with the best target players into weeks, (Puka players this week will not be drawn, the market supply reduction) while demand rises. Simple economic results we all know.
    Among the last week of the peak shipping period is the weekend, if you are from Monday to Friday almost did not sell any player (almost impossible, unless you and do not hoard goods priced according to the price agreement) you do not need to panic, may have been in accordance with its own price listed until the end of the weekend. Because the weekend is a lot of time on-line European individual Tyrant pupils. And usually those anxiety-stricken panic salers will not only damage their own interests will also damage the interests of the whole market.
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