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    Barcelona Roman origin from the bottom two teams of six players has played Barcelona and Rome will be at this year's Gamber Cup encounter, interestingly, there are six players, three coach had to work in two teams. Guardiola is the first Ming Basa players to the Italian capital effectiveness. He came in the summer of 2002 from Brescia to Rome, but failed to find his place, played only four times in the league and the Champions League, after half a season to return to Lombardy. Both teams played the second is Giuly, he bid farewell to the 2007-08 season, he played three years in Barcelona to Rome. Frenchman Rome played in the league 32 times and the Champions League nine times, and then I went to Paris Saint-Germain.

    Bartomeu become the new chairman of Barcelona, he received 25,823 votes. He came in behind him were Laporta 15615, Beineidituo 3386, Freixa 1750. A total of 47,720 valid votes, which is more than a third of the club's history. Prior to and after 2010 57 088 2003 51 618 more than this year. Members Barcelona event Nou Camp July 18, 2015 is like in organizing the party.

    From nine in the morning until nine at night with friends and family members fulfill a vote. Over the past five years, there are four former Barca players to the Roma. Bojan summer transfer in 2011, played for two years in Rome, participated in 33 league games, plus four Italian Cup games, scoring 7 goals. Keita Rome last season effect, played 29 times, one-year contract this summer again. This Malian midfielder will face two other former Barcelona player - Paraguay striker Sanabria and Falk. Batra face the San Francisco media talked about the team and his own current situation. He said: "The team is working hard these cities are beautiful, we get great support." For the upcoming season, and Batra set personal goals.

    In addition, "with the team victory," but he also hoped "personal breakthrough last season, try to get more first opportunity." Batra said he is currently the team is very good, to give all the necessary support:. "In my mind is always thinking about for Barcelona, this is my most should stay where I feel the fans and the club love for me . "talked about his opportunity to play in the new season, Batra said:" The more competition that prompted people progress. " Coach trio Barcelona goalkeeper Miro served in 1939-1943 between, 1961-62 season has coached the team.

    Then Miro has coached Marseille, Roma coach 1964-65. Herrera has led the Barcelona 1958 and 1960 won two league titles, one King's Cup, after the 1968 to 1973 between coaching Rome, won the Italian Cup. 1980-81 season, he returned to the Nou Camp, led the team to the Copa del Rey.

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